THE PATH-Hang Zhou--Research-based public art projects that probe the path of integration of immigrants into the city, the bearing and tolerance of cities, and the contribution of immigration that cannot be ignored.
City Talk is a finished video installation talks about how immigrants integrate into cities, while urban planners may not see the contribution of immigrants. 
During the video-making process, the artist reached non-local staff in the resident hotel at Power Long Juntel, Hangzhou. They become her inspiration and subject in the video. Digging into everyone's dream and their paths, the video described struggles of different people at different levels of society, to explore the yearning and pursuit for life of individuals from different cultures and regions, as well as the setbacks, tribulations, misunderstandings, dislodge and marginalization of various people and courses of action.

City Talk Installation View, Han Qin, 2019 ©Han Qin,

Heart Map, Installation View, Han Qin, 2019 ©Han Qin

The audience participates in the Heart Map to draw a map of the innermost being which fill in wishes, cares, joys, pains, secrets or doubts in a love shape paper about the size of A3 paper. The whole wall, full of heart maps are a cultural collision and perception, but also a desire and expectation.

Installation photo, Han Qin, The Path,2019 ©Han Qin,

One the right side is a signature wall of The Travelers Map of China,  inviting the audience to participate in the creation the journey. The audience used markers to draw the places where they have lived on the map, then make a series of migration routes and mark their names. Writing down the footprint and witness change and diversity.

Installation photo, Han Qin, The Path,2019 ©Han Qin, 

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