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Narrative Bio

Han Qin is a visual artist, curator, and researcher committed to exploring and challenging biases in public art through digital installations, printmedia, and curation, all approached with a journalistic sensibility. Born and raised in Hangzhou, China, Han now calls Long Island, New York, home.
Han earned her B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Printmaking from the esteemed China Academy of Art, followed by an M.F.A. in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she is the recipient of the prestigious NYSCA artist award in 2023 in the category of Film, Media, and New Technology (New York State Council of Arts) and served as a jury member for the New York Foundation of Art on Digital Arts in 2020. Han is a founding member of the US Immigrant Artist Network and an Executive Committee member of the Chinese American Art Faculty Association.
Currently, Han shares her expertise as an Chancellor Award adjunct professor in the Art Department at Stony Brook University, the flagship institution of the New York State University system. Her teaching experience extends to China Academy of Art and Texas Tech University, where she has served as an adjunct professor. Han's artistic journey includes notable residencies at the Powerlong Museum in Hangzhou, China, and the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York, with upcoming ones at the Swatch Art Project in Shanghai, China, and EFA North Fork Residency in New York. Her works have been exhibited in the United States, China, Japan, and Korea, gaining recognition in public and private collections worldwide. Recent solo exhibitions including the Heckscher Museum of Art, Modern Museum of Long Island, Nassau County Museum of Art, Gallery North (NY), and Fou Gallery (NY), showcase the depth and breadth of her artistic prowess. Her work has been covered in Artforum, US; e-flux Education, US; askART, US; Whitehot Magazine, US; Neocha, Shanghai; Sinovision, NY; CAFA, Beijing; China Academy of Art Media; Qianjiang Evening News, Zhejiang Daily, Heyshow, Taipei, ect.

韩沁Han Qin是一位视觉艺术家、策展人和研究员,致力于通过版画、丝绸绘画、数字媒体、表演装置,以记者的调查方式来探讨和挑战公共艺术中的偏见。她在中国杭州长大,如今定居在纽约州长岛。
韩沁在中国美术学院获得了版画学士和硕士学位,之后在普拉特艺术学院获得了数字艺术硕士学位。她于2020年担任纽约艺术基金数字艺术评审委员,并以卓越的贡献获得了2023年纽约州艺术委员会(NYSCA)艺术家奖-新媒体与科技领域。韩沁是美国移民艺术家网络的创始成员,也是 全美华人美术教授协会执行委员会成员。
韩沁的艺术之旅包括在中国杭州的宝龙美术馆和纽约伊丽莎白艺术基金会的驻地经历,以及2024年将在纽约伊丽莎白艺术基金会北岸的驻地计划。她的作品在美国、中国、日本和韩国等地展出,受到全球公共和私人收藏的赞誉。近期在赫克舍美术馆、长岛现代美术馆、拿骚县美术馆、纽约北画廊和否画廊等知名场所举办的个展。她的作品被报道于艺术论坛ARTFORUM, US; askART, US; Whitehot Magazine, US; Neocha上海,钱江晚报,浙江日报, 美国中文电视纽约会客厅,中央美术学院学报,国美学术通讯,台北黑秀网等。

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