The artist made this series of works in her most relaxed mode. It’s the most sensitive moment to capture beauty and color. From the southern orchid, island tulips, to the impression of an aircraft shuttling in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau mountains. Completed the oil-ink on paper in the reaction from different seasons, the artists festivities the geography, climate and ecology, with ink and handmade paper, colors and texture. In addition to the fresh impression, the work also bring handmade texture.

Monotype is so precious, because of its unique quality, no edition. Each piece of work was hand-drawn on a plexiglass plate for transfer, and pressed by a roller press, after that, the ink and oli on the plexiglass is transferred onto the paper. And the plexiglass is clear. Temperature, humidity, pressure, oil and time, all the aspects impact the image quality. Each of the unique work, is the collection of artists' creation, the perfect contingency in making process, as well as the present environment and climate. These is the most intuitive reflection of nature.
Han Qin
Honeymoon Series, 2012-2017
Tibet Series, 2012-2013
33 x 28cm--45 x 30 cm
13 x 11 inch--11 3/4 x 17 1/4 inches
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