Moon Face, 2022
Han Qin
3D image printed on fine art paper 
6 x 6 inches each, 18 images in total

Installation View at Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, Staller Center, Stony Brook University, NY, 2023
Photo Credit: Amber Lewis

No matter how far you are away from home, you and your loved ones look at the same moon. What if I decide to be my own home and stand where I am? So here comes the moon's face.

Moon Face, 

Project brief:
A series of self-portrait prints portraying layers of diasporic identity shaped by immigration experience.  It depicts the artist transforming herself into the moon, exploring the universe, time and space, and her own identity. The concept is built paralleled with layered techniques of printmaking, and 3D scanning.   

月相, 2022
单张15 x 15 cm, 共18张.
这一系列3D自画像,描绘了艺术家将自己化作月亮,对宇宙,时空和自身的身份探索。 该作品的概念实现与版画、3D 扫描和 VR 的分层技术并行构建。
Special thanks to the 3D lab at Stony Brook University for collaborating on research and scan
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