New Growth 1 (left), 70.75 x 43 inches
New Growth 3 (mid), 50.5 x 38.5 inches
New Growth 4 (right), 25 x 31 inches
Han Qin, 2020-2022
Charcoal on paper, Cyanotype

New Growth - Globalization, 2020-2022
Han Qin
Charcoal on paper, Cyanotype, Animation
1268x1848 pixel, 59 seconds, 29.97frame/second

New Growth is a series of short animations, drawings, and prints reacting to the pandemic of COVID19. It was inspired by a dead tree bursting new leaves in a trail on Long Island, NY, during the summer of 2020. New Growth comments on the new growth of a dead tree with the changes of globalization and social networks. When human life is turning virtual, nature becomes precisely admirable. 
I started with charcoal drawing in nature, then turned the drawing into animation and digital images. 
It discusses the growing changes, concepts, individuals, objects, things, and events during the pandemic situation. The series is an appreciation of life through the ever-changing landscape.

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