"Ride the Wave - Monologue" is a dynamic paper-based artwork that incorporates the artist's personal drawings, choreography, and performance, as well as collaboration with musicians Randy & Mei. The piece reflects the artist's integral inspiration on water, which carries her understanding of self-awareness and exploration of new things and uncertainties. This work embodies the artist's consistent focus on the immigration and identity, continuing her wave imagery and musical performance to create a seemingly static yet dynamic, sorrowful yet joyful video experience.
Han Qin, Ride the Wave–Monologue, 2024.
Video performance, Cyanotype on paper,
16 x 80  inches

40.64 cm×203.2 cm
"Ride the Wave" is presented in a framed art form, integrating dance videos, animation, and music. Through multidimensional artistic expression, this piece offers a multifaceted analysis of the artist's process of accepting new things: from freshness, through doubt and denial, to structural reconstruction. It showcases the artist's internal struggle and solace within her creative process, as well as the unique situations that only she can truly understand.

《踏浪-独白》是一副会动的纸面作品,通过艺术家个人的绘画、编舞和表演,以及与音乐人Randy & Mei的合作,作品表现了她对自我认知的变化,以及对新事物的探索和不确定。这个作品体现了艺术家一贯对身体和身份的关注,通过波浪意象和音乐表演,创造出一个静中有动、悲喜交织的视频体验。

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