"Ride the Wave-Ensemble" is a dynamic paper-based artwork that incorporates the artist's personal drawings, choreography, and collaboration with musicians Randy & Mei. The artist invited a group of immigrant female friends to participate in the performance and video recording, depicting their journey from distant lands to New York. This piece captures their experiences of fresh encounters in youth, subsequent doubts and denials, and ultimately, self-reconstruction. It showcases their confusion, anger, guilt, and the unique insights they gain.
Han Qin, Ride the Wave–Ensemble, 2024.
Video performance, Cyanotype on paper,
30 x 80  inches

76.2 cm×203.2 cm

Presented in a framed art form, "Ride the Wave" integrates dance videos, animation, and music. The artwork reflects the artist's consistent focus on the body and identity, using wave imagery and musical performance to create a seemingly static yet dynamic, sorrowful yet joyful video experience.

Through its multidimensional artistic expression, "Ride the Wave" invites the audience to experience the emotional journey of these female immigrants, sharing in their resilience and renewal.
《踏浪-群像》是一副会动的纸面作品,通过艺术家个人的绘画、编舞,以及与音乐人Randy & Mei的合作,邀请了一群移民女性朋友们参与表演与视频录制。作品表现了她们从外地来到纽约的经历,从年少时的新鲜接触到怀疑否定,再到最终的自我重建,展现出她们的困惑、愤怒、罪恶感,以及只有她们自己才能理解的情境。


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