Sky Rive, 2016
Installation on glass
206 x 76 cm | 102.5 x 30 inches
Pratt Institute Myrtle Hall Floor 5, Brooklyn, NY
Sky River is a mural on Pratt Institution’s glass façade. It is a vinyl-cut water pattern flowing from the sky covers 10-15% of sunlight, block with the given image. The image is inspired in respect of a poem by Li Bai commenting on the changing climate and unforeseen life.

ZHANG JIN JIU ("O Bring in the wine!)
(Folk-song-style verse) 
-- by Li Bai (701-762)
-- Translated by Frank C Yue

Don't you see, the Yellow River's waters come from heav'n divine,
They rush out to the sea, and to return at all decline?                     
Don't you see, the bright mirrors lament our parents' white hair,
It's silk-black in the morn, but turns snow-white at dusk with care?
Dance and be merry when the world is playing your tune --
Don't you raise an empty, golden wine cup to the moon!
Each of us was given talents, and ne'er born in vain --
Spend a thousand gold coins, and they would turn up again.
Roast the goat, slaughter the calf, and let's all wine and dine!

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