The Project: The Direction of Migration​ is a large-scale cyanotype contact print I did in Hangzhou, China, in the summer of 2019. This is a public-engaged work that invites twelve migrants to participate in the making process and their silhouettes printed on the art piece, and their stories became part of the concept. This project addresses a type of migration individuals ended in Hangzhou, China, who were seeking a better education or job opportunities and how this kind of immigrants managed to survive and to sustain personal development via their routes. The participants interpreted their various routes using body language. The sunlight exposed their body shape on to the paper, thus, a migration wave is formed.

The Direction of Migration, 2019©️Han Qin,
Installation View at ART33 Art Space Hangzhou, China, Photo by Jiang Yue

The Direction of Migration, Process and participants, 2019©️Han Qin
The Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, Photo by Jiang Yue
With migration as the theme, the work narrates the unique journey of life with people participating in creation, presenting and exploring various expressions, meanings, motivations and trends of people wandering and pursuing a new life. The participating creators invited by the artist all had migration experience, they brought their unique stories together, creating an interpretation of their own way of travel.  Some braved the tide, some simply followed others, and some were perplexed.People bump into each other, then formed a rough migration wave. 
It was created in Hangzhou, which is the home of the artist and a livable city for immigrants. The work was presented in ART33 art space in the original environment of Xixi National Wetland Park,and related to this ancient building from the Ming and Qing dynasties migrated from the border of Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi.  People on the move and buildings on the move are connected, simple and original, contemporary and historical. 
During the creation of The Direction of Migration, more than 20 models lay in the sun for exposure on rice paper precoated with cyanotype liquid. The effect of light creates a projection, which is washed and fixed to form an image between cyan and blue-purple. The process of cyanotype gives the work a calm, deep, mysterious and unique strong cyanogen blue. Due to the different angles and unpredictability of the sunlight, and the blurring effect of the pre-painted solution, the characters and their objects alternate between reality and illusion, leaving varied traces on the paper surface, just like a complex and multi-level world. Rice paper gives the work a full sense of quality and Chinese flavor. The time-consuming exposure and participation of many people make the work realize the value of the coexistence of technology and craft, an internality social phenomenon and artistic concept.

List of participating creators

Big Dog:
(Migration Route, Quzhou - Liuzhou - Jinhua - Hangzhou - Myanmar - Hangzhou)
Because of graffiti, I have visited many places,but the last place I can settle down is Hangzhou, like the feeling of deep water phobia on the riverbed. Of course, stop at a place will also be nervous, always want to eat the dust outside. It's like a shoal of migrating fish chasing a warm current. It's a gentle paradox.

Uncle Hua:
(Migration route, Anhui - Nanchang - Beijing - Tianjin - Shijiazhuang - Fujian - Hangzhou)
I like Taoist metaphysical culture, the eight hexagrams and the five elements. Be a "lazy" warlock, drink and chat "gossip".

Aunt Hua:
(Migration route, Shandong - Beijing - Shenzhen - Hangzhou)
An interior designer who makes vegetarian meals and enjoys the tea ceremony. Dream have tea have companion walk the end of the world, be a person outside the world.
The reason for staying in Hangzhou is that there is a group of interesting souls and the life they currently enjoy.

Di Li:
(Migration route, Shangdong - Chongqing - Beijing - Fujian - Hangzhou)
I have studied sculpture for ten years. Now I make tea and like calligraphy.
Hangzhou fell in love with this roundabout place as soon as I arrived, because I am also a melodramatic person. Also want to go to Dali, but every place is men of the world, where to go seems not to matter.

Ji Yi:
(Migration route, Handan-hangzhou)
Student of calligraphy. The reason for coming to Hangzhou is that it satisfies a northerner's every imagination of Watery Towns in southern. 

Lv Dixi:
(Migration route, Jiangxi -- Shanghai -- Hangzhou -- Norway -- Hangzhou)
Documentary director.  Living  in Hangzhou  because it is the only place I can live in China. Our  auras are very similar.

Hai Lan(Blue)
(Migration route, Harbin - Hangzhou)
Finally stay in Hangzhou, this is my attitude of life. I will non-scheduled  go to different countries and cities and like all the experimental art about blue.

Zi You
(Migration route, Wenzhou-Hangzhou)
Master of fashion design.  Live in Hangzhou.  Traveling countries as a fashion blogger, constantly unlock the world from new angles.

Li Jian
(Migration route, Heilongjiang -- Hangzhou)
A person who makes work with seals. I like the weather of  warm, humid,and  four seasons clear, full of light in Hangzhou. Walking direction: subtropical monsoon climate region.

Yang Li:
(migration route, Chengdu -- Hangzhou -- San Francisco -- London)
The next stop is New York. Artists are always on the road.

Chen Zhen
(Migration route, Anji -- Hangzhou -- Germany -- Hangzhou)
Artist.  living in Hangzhou is very comfortable.

Installation at Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY, 2020

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