The Direction of Migration​ is a large-scale cyanotype contact print I did in Hangzhou, China, in summer 2019. This is a public-engaged work that inviting twelve migrants participated in the making process and their silhouette printed on the art piece, their stories became part of the concept. This project addresses a type of migration individuals ended in Hangzhou, China, who were seeking better education or job opportunities and how this kind of immigrants managed to survive and to sustain personal development via their routes. The participants interpreted their various routes using body language. The sunlight exposed their body shape on to the paper, thus, a migration wave is formed.

The Direction of Migration, 2019©️Han Qin,
Installation View at ART33 Art Space Hangzhou, China, Photo by Jiang Yue

The Direction of Migration, Process and participants, 2019©️Han Qin
The Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, Photo by Jiang Yue
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