Triumph of wanserers-left, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanserers-left, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanserers-mid, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanserers-mid, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanserers-right, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanserers-right, Han Qin, 2022
Triumph of wanderers (Triptych), 2022
36x 24 inch each, 36 x 72 inch total
Woodblock print on Pi paper
Edition 20

三联画 36 x 24 英寸,共 36 x 72 英寸
91.5 x 61cm,共 91.5 x 183 cm
版数 20

Installation View at RIVAA Gallery, New York, NY, 2023

"Triumph of wanderers (Triptych)" is a woodcut printmaking recently completed by artist Han Qin. She sculpted a contemporary immigration experience of globality, diversity, and sociality, applying traditional printmaking techniques to depict immigrants’ stories. In this work, she reflects on her 10-year life in the U.S., rethinking how each individual finds a way of living that conforms to one’s own wishes and suits oneself in the historical trend. Using knives on cherrywood board to carve out the various poses and expressions of all beings in the turbulent tide, Han created a world of people some are drifting with the current, some are riding the waves, some are redeeming each other, and some are struggling to dive in the dangerous whirlpool to reach the goal.
During the three-month printmaking process, Han realized that “so-called America’s melting pot has gradually become a bowl of salad, because the union among new immigrants is continuing but religious and cultural identity is also being maintained, and simultaneously, the so-called melting pot may not necessarily by assimilating or melting into one culture, but rather mixing in one bowl, like a salad. " (Ali, 2022.)

This printmaking work is Han’s important return to printmaking, after 10 years of digital art practice. She continually questions the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations, reconnects traditional & digital artmaking, and rethinks the possibility of traditional artistry in the digital age.

Printing at The Studio at Gallery North 

《搏浪之歌》是韩沁近期完成的木刻版画。她将版画技艺用于雕刻全球性、多样性和社会性的当代氛围之中,以传统艺术描绘现代人心。在此幅作品中,她深入思考每个个体在历史大势中如何找到顺应趋势并适合自己的生存方式,并结合自身在美国十年的自身经历和所闻所见,用木刻技艺,一刀一划雕刻出汹涌大潮中芸芸众生的千姿百态。画面中有人随波逐流的 ,有人乘风破浪的,有人相互救赎的,更有搏水前行艰难穿越险滩到达目标的。
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